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Content of 4.13

New planes (AI only)
· He-177 A-3
· Aichi E13A floatplane
New flyable planes (cockpits)
· B-24D-140-CO + external
· IK-3
· N1K1-J
· N1K1-Ja
· N1K1-Jb
· SB 2M-103

New plane external models

· P-40E
· P-40E M-105 field mod.
· P-40M

New ground units
· 2cm Flak 38 Vierling
· Skoda Pa.II ‚Zalva‘ armored car (MG and radio version)
· Jagdtiger
· M10 tank destroyer: early and late (late comes with closed and opened hatch)
· M36 tank destroyer with closed an opened hatch
· 2cm Flak 38 Vierling
· Type 94 tankette (Japanese)
· US AA trailer (quad cal50)
· Regimental Gun 76mm
· ATG 45 mm (1942)
New features
· Total overhaul of most bombsights.
· Added new ‚realistic bombing‘ difficulty option to toggle between realistic/simplified bombsight inputs
· Bomb release mode keys added
· New bombardier & co-pilot position that can be manned in online coops
· Added momentum from asymmetric bomb loadouts
· Rocket release mode key added
· Course autopilot added to Luftwaffe planes
· Added working PDI lights (red, green white) to many Russian bomber pits
· Ordinance camera added
· Added target height to minimap ground targets
· Added gunner’s multifunction key. Used for opening hatches, canopies, raising & lowering guns.
· Added gunner reloading if gun has clips
· FMB showing proper skin of ground objects depending on the World.camouflage
· Added FMB scrolling between different units in object windows for chiefs
· Added bombardier cockpits for all Pe-2 variants
· Added QMB option for player to chose his position in the flight
· New IJA/IJN regiments from Juri JS
· New USN/USMC regiments from Motorhead
· Added Icon settings to GUI Misc
· Added option that Icon range can be shown in meters or feets
· New SM.79 default skins by Italo
· Added differential brakes
· Added over 100 new loadouts for russian planes including RRAB cluster bombs and flares
· Bomb loadouts added to Doras
· New 3D meshes for some British bombs
· Added new conf.ini option Use3RendersUI=1 that will render UI with 1/3 width.
New maps
· New Britain & New Guinea (September 1943)
· New Britain & New Guinea (June 1944)
· Svalbard
· Tobruk
. Slovakia Autumn (Late autumn season. For proper look, it is recommended to set parameter Forest=3 in the conf.ini file under the [OpenGL] section.)
Fixes & tweaks

· Fix for the „FM“ bug that can cause wingless plane to fly normally
· Fixed FM bug that caused two separate flights crash after certain plane was removed from formation
· Fixed bug with engines that caused RPMs to increase rapidly when engine selections were changed
· Fixed IL-4 engine DM bug that would cause left engine damage when right engine was shot
· Fixed very old online bug that caused wrong visual animation of engine states (with 2 or more engines)
· Fixed bomb delay bug. Old style delay (without fuzes) was not staying on UI
· Engine DM fixes for Spit, P-51, P-47 & P-40. Added missing bullet energy reductions and tweaked damage probabilities
· New Ho-3 cannon belting
· Fix for AI taxing takeoff bug in coop
· Engine DM fix so that pilot doesn’t get BBQed if engine is behind pilot
· Increased minimum alive time of many MG & cannon rounds
· Fixed player taxing bug with autopilot
· Fixed NTRK & bomb bay door bug that caused doors to randomly close during playback
· Fixed beacon selection bug
· Added missing Emily nose cap
· Fixed Ki-43 nav lights
· Fixed B5N FM bug that caused AI to fail torpedo run if waypoints were set too high
· Adjusted the negative G limit when redout is starting to happen
· Removed old bomb explosion randomization that might leave unit close to explosion alive and kill another unit much further from explosion
· Updated Coral Sea QMB missions from wheelsup_cavu


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